GCS Seed Cleaner Operation

Advantages of the Grain Cleaning Process:

1. You decide WHAT you need to do to your grain - clean it, grade it or both.

2. You decide WHERE you need the job done - a fixed location or remotely on the trailer.

3. You decide WHEN you need the job done - in the field at the bins or pre-sale.

No More

  • Can you do it this way?
  • I have to bring it where?
  • When can I get it done?

All our Equipment is:

  • Farmer Friendly - easy to use, no screens, all grain types and mechanically simple.
  • Grain Friendly - no mechanical contact with the grain (no damage).
  • Checkbook Friendly - lower initial cost, lower operating cost and lower maintenance cost.


Starting sample had high level of splits off harvester and some insect damage. The GCS Cleaner can struggle removing splits as the density is very close to a full chickpea but in this case it worked very well.


First Chute
Low rate of splits
Second Chute
High rate of splits and shells, insect damaged seeds, some full chickpeas
Third Chute
Splits & shells
Splits, small seeds (canola) and shells